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submoonPraise for Sarai:


"During the show I felt like Sindbad on his magic carpet. The music was too good, too sensitive, and elegant. Each and every part of the show is more beautiful than the other.Thank you. Please share my thoughts with each and every one of the musicians and dancers organizers and helpers."
~ Nicola, Nicola's Lebanese Restaurant

"I respect you very much, and you 
are an artist of amazing talent."
~ Christopher Damiano, musician and actor

"Your dancing was so artful. And we all really admired the muscle controland strength you have. I liked that what you did was indeed artful, and not the suggestive belly-dancing that we sort of expected. Thanks again, for the wonderful, entertaining evening."
~ Ann D'Agostino

"I saw her dances for the first time at the first MYDL III. I was transfixed.There it was. My whole life is devoted to creating a climate in which I can speak thislanguage with others: it will only enter into sacred space. Watching the dance I saw how the dance itself hallows a space to be in."
~ Diana Obscura, musician and performance artist.

"I love your performances. I think you have exceptional light."
~Petite Jamilla

"They are good dancers; that is because they have the best teacher in the world.You are a graceful and a great dancer. I look forward to see you performing. Thank you for inviting me to share this wonderful experience with you."
~ Christine Zaarour, dancer and guest teacher

"What I saw was not just a simple dance but a self expression and all
the girls were very passionate about being a part of it. I could tell.
Congratulations !"
~ Narine Grigoryan

"You are incredible! The mastery of  musicality and vocbulary always match your personal expression and bring the audience right with you. Watching your  wonderful productions inspires all of us."
~ Audrey Elizabeth, dance without borders

"All I can say is that it is my misfortune that I have not seen you dance before . WOW, how visually beautiful it was. And the dance was so with
your music. Congratulations on a wonderful entertainment. I am so looking forward to the next time."
~ Charles Gooch

"I am still swimming in the biochemical bliss induced by the performances but mostly bliss at the beautifully diverse performance itself, in which the range of age and body type blended wonderfully into an unconventional, delicately lovely rhythm of lyric ethnically nuanced gesture.

"I agree with Louanne T. that your choreography and sense of pace just gets better and better. ...Nicola's loose-cannon intermission worked like the interlude of farce (or satyr play) in the ancient Greek theatre.

"Sitting across from your teacher, who remarked on the particular desirability of documenting your solo dances, led me to focus particularly on the pace and variety of your movements and gestures, and their relationship to a whole realm of traditions from the Muslim world to the Christian Caucasus. And also, inevitably, to reflect on the passage of time; the variety of ages and body types in your group is all to the good for all of us.

"The evening was a happily complex pleasure, and the February full moon haunted by the first foretaste of spring outside was, too. Though as I find myself headed towards a reprise of William Butler Yeats, I am not particularly eager for spring to arrive: 'Winter kept us warm, nurturing dull roots with rain.'"
~ Jerry Cullum

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