Anoesis is an augmenting ceremony using bell, vibrational,
and tactile therapy for individuals, couples, or groups.

The ceremony awakens participants to a sensuous mode
of nonverbal perception, and reaquaints the body with the bell,
a tool that has been used through the ages to create
health, clarity and spiritual balance.

Through many hours of training and practice
with the finger cymbals (zils or sagaat), Sarai was inspired
to explore the healing effect of bells and vibration.

Eager to share the experience with others, she developed a ritual
using a collection of instruments. Seeking new ways to touch
the participant without using traditional massage techniques,
elements were added to animate the entire environment.
The result is a wholly somatic and metaphysically healing ceremony
that both relaxes and enlivens. The ceremony was expanded with
the collaboration of artist and cellist Diana Obscura.

For information on performances or to schedule your own appointment, please contact:

Sarai Live Arts